Welding and Fabrication

By begyir - Posted on 20 October 2010


The welding department was setup among the other four(4) Department namely;
Automotive, Electrical, Basic Workshop and Mechanical when the Institute was established. Initially it was under Mechanical Department and later became Autonomous.


The initial objective was to train people from the Industries for them to be well equipped in both theoretical and practical aspect. Later, it was observed that the communities and the nation as a whole must benefit fully since the nations populations increases rapidly. Therefore, leavers from the Junior High and Senior High were privilege to be trained for self employment and also by the Industries.


1. Training in Gas and Arc welding as well as MIG
2. Execute built-up welds, butt welds and fillet welds in various positions
3. Fabrication of iron gates, burglar proofs, etc.
4. Fabrication of School furniture
5. Welding of Aluminium
6. All other aspect of welding
7. Preparation of various joints


The entire programme is a four-year programme of which basically, general and TVET. Core subjects are taught throughout the first year. However, it is continued during the subsequent years at reduced teaching duration to make way for the elective course.

Core subjects include: