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By begyir - Posted on 24 February 2012

INTRODUCTION : Chaplaincy unit of Takoradi Technical Institute won officially

Established in September 1998 to organize coordinate and supervise at

Religious activities in the school.

MISSION STATEMENT :  We strive to inculcate in students with the word of God

 And prayer, which will enable them blend their training with the fear of God,

  in order to come out with a refined behavior for higher industrial productivity.


1.       Organizing of Manday Morning Assembly for the school.

2.       Organizing of Induction service for all 1st year students.

3.       Organizing of carol service for the school.

4.       Organizing of Leavers Service for the school.


·         Counselling of students in times of need.

·         Praying for the schools development and excellence.


·         Establishment of school choir.

·         Establishment of school band.

·         Establishment of school choreography.