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Building and Construction Technology

Building and Construction Technology (B/C) Department



The Department is designed to train students, apprentices and other categories of students as craftsmen.


Its purpose is to provide sound understanding of the skills, processes and techniques of the craft and appreciation of the science, mathematics, technology and drawing, relevant to the work of the Block layer in industry.


The Erection of the school fence wall, the construction of the school bridge in the campus, and the construction of the five storey structure for the school hostel are part of theactivities of the department. Note that the teachers are the engineers on site and the students are the craftsmen.

Courses offered and Duration
Currently the programme is being run for a three year duration. All students study the following


  • Construction Practice

  • Construction Processes and Materials

  • Graphic Communication

  • PracticalTrade theory



  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Integrated Science

  • Social Studies

  • ICT

Graduates are admitted into the various Technical Universities and Polytechnics for futher studies.

Secondly, programmes such as CTC I, II and III are being run at the department for duration of one year each starting from 15th September of each year to May/ June the Next year.