Plumbing Department

By begyir - Posted on 21 October 2010


Plumbing is a term coined from the Latin word ‘plumbum’ which literally means someone who works with lead pipes and fittings for conveying fluids.

In current trends, the work of the plumber has gained a lot of 

recognition and attention which makes the plumber to work with other materials such as copper, steel, plastics and ceramics. Plumbing is one of the unique programmes run in Takoradi Technical Institute.

The department was setup in February 1999 with Mr. J. E Annan who has now retired as the Head of Department.

The prime objective of the department is to train and equip student with the needed theoretical knowledge, skills and practical competencies required in construction and mechanical industries.

The Course Content Covers
Domestic and industrial cold and hot water supply systems.
Installation and maintenance of above ground sanitary pipe work systems.
Installation and maintenance of soil and waste sanitary appliances.
Gas and steam pipe work.
Installation of domestic gas appliances.
Soldering and oxy- acetylene gas welding.
Below ground drainage and sewage disposal systems.
Trade drawing, science and calculations.
Building construction
Entrepreneurship skills

Student in the department undergo both industrial attachment and visit in
Ghana water Company limited (GWCL/AVRL)
Mining Companies
Timber firms and other industries.