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TTI HIV/AIDS club was set up about eight (8) years ago to help Students, Teachers and non-teaching Staff see the need to eradicate the menace from the School’s community.

The club does not only deal with HIV/AIDS issues but focus its attention on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention.

The club is made up twenty (20) peer educators, forty (40) club members, HIV/AIDS coordinator and four (4) patrons.


Our main objective is to eradicate HIV/AIDS from her members by the year 2020.


Training was organised by family health international and Ghana Aids Commission with funding from the Global fund for twenty (20) peer educators and fine patrons from 16th to 19th July, 2010 in Takoradi.


Lists of topics were treated on the 3-day workshop. Some of which are;
a) Vulnerability and risk in youth population
b) Basic facts about HIV
c) STIs prevention
d) Pregnancy preventer
e) Sexuality and the youth
f) Advocacy skills
g) Communication skills
h) Condom skill building and demonstration
i) HIV counselling for youth
j) Reporting and demonstration