Automotive Engineering



  The Department trains both Junior High School graduates  and workers from industries to become both automotive mechanics and automotive electricians.


It is the department's priority to produces first class Automotive Mechanics and Electricians who can combine theory and practice to work efficiently.


Servicing and maintenance of the Institute’s Vehicles, equipment and machines in the department & rsquo;s workshop, public equipment and running of short courses for industries and individuals.

Duration of Courses Offered
The programme runs for a three (3) year duration. Students go through the following

Elective subjects:

    * Vehichle Technology,
    * Engine Technolgy,
    * Graphic Communication
    * Practical.

Core subjects:

  • Engish
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies
  • ICT 

Graduates are admitted into the various Technical Universities and Polytechnics for futher studies. 

Advanced Programmes like Motor  Vehicle Technicians Part I, II and III  are also run alongside the crafts, each is of which is of a year duration.