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By begyir - Posted on 20 October 2010

The unit is managed by a team of competent, committed and self motivated individuals who are representatives from the various departments and units of the institute. The team is headed by the coordinator of the unit. Below are the team members and their respective departments:

To create the awareness that self employment is a variable option than always looking for non existing white colour jobs,
To develop trainee's knowledge in identifying business opportunities, basic record keeping costing, pricing, marketing and financial management.
To develop student's interpersonal and communication skills in relation to business environment
To assist prospective student entrepreneurs to develop their business plans
To instill in students good moral attitude towards business operations and the dynamics of] business environments.

Aside the unit’s general objective of providing education on entrepreneurship to the institute's student populace, is also incumbent on us to focus and direct our activities towards identified potential student entrepreneurs. The unit's strategy therefore is to:
Identify -and assess potential student’s entrepreneurs.
Identify, evaluate and provide training needs of| prospective entrepreneurs.
Assist prospective student entrepreneurs identify and access resources required for identified business.
Internally, he unit works in partnership with industrial Liaison & Marketing Unit, staff & Programme Development unit and the Guidance & counseling Unit Externally, the unit has strong partnership with Association of certified Entrepreneurs.

Project/ programme designing
Skills Development training
For a/seminars